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A little bit about us…

Thank you for visiting our website and considering staying at Yewdale Cottage for your holiday.

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I was born in Worcestershire into a market gardening, farming family. I now sculpt and occasionally invest/gamble in West End Theatre. Janet is from a family of Vicars and farmers from around St. Davids and is a translator. Because of Janet’s ancestry we really feel part of the community and know Pembrokeshire well.

Yewdale cottage is very much our home and contains many objects from the family’s past. The visitors seem to like our quirky taste, which suits the cottage, one of the oldest in the city.

Our three sons and their friends also appreciate what Pembrokeshire has to offer – namely: walking on the cliffs, exploring beautiful bays, enjoying the freedom and the wildlife, visiting the cathedral (which is just below the cottage) and eating too much in the many pubs and restaurants in and around St. Davids. The children surf and go coasteering and eat even more than we do!

I hope you come and stay at the cottage, if not this year then in the future.

Everyone comes to St. Davids in the end.

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Janet and David Osborne