Coasteering in St Davids

Coasteering in St Davids is a must if you are on a family holiday with kids, or even a boozy weekend with the girls. There’s nothing quite like waking up at the crack of dawn, showering in your gorgeous holiday cottage, slipping into a wetsuit and heading down to St Davids amazing coastline for an early morning battle with the salty waves.

You truly get a different perspective of Pembrokeshire’s beautiful coastline when you are bobbing about in the – at first cold, but then deliciously warm – ocean. And the feeling of achievement at the end of it is a catharsis that all should enjoy. You never feel freer than when you are in water and coasteering offers a range of dare-devil activities to do so your experience is not just calm and placid but exhilarating and exciting.

Coasteering in West Wales is truly a Jack-of-all-trades sort of pursuit. You can be rock climbing one minute, abseiling the next, and then you’re in the salty foam and swimming from cove to cove before climbing out so you can leap into the water once more. If you’re a family on holiday with grumpy teenagers who only want to stare at their devices, we guarantee that by the end of the session you will feel just a little bit closer. Because it’s almost impossible not to have fun when you are coasteering in St Davids.

A brief walk from Yewdale Cottage, our cozy and beautiful holiday let, you will find TYF in St Davids city centre. They are very experienced and would love to take you on a summer or winter adventure in 2024. It’s something that any break in West Wales urgently demands and we cannot recommend it highly enough.

It’s things like coasteering that make St Davids, Pembrokeshire such a special place to visit.

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