Eating out in St Davids

So much has changed as regards food experiences since our family’s annual pilgrimage to St Davids as children. Back then, a Welsh rarebit and a pepsi-float was about as adventurous as it got. But in this post I’m going to perform a shallow dive into three trailblazing new food experiences that capture both the locality of St Davids but add a sprinkle of contemporary dining and imaginative concepts. 

First, let’s take a look at The Really Wild Emporium which is the place to go for foraged products and seriously innovative dishes. What you eat there will depend very much on what the owners are able to forage that same day so every dining experience here is totally unique and idiosyncratic. Leaning heavily on delicious local produce, eating at The Really Wild Emporium is truly an unforgettable and – not to mention – environmentally sound experience. 

Secondly, we have St Davids Gin and Kitchen. This place is an absolute Mecca for the finest gin and seafood in St Davids. We can’t recommend the seafood platters highly enough, involving produce which is primarily caught the very same day. And if that wasn’t enough to get you salivating, the choice of gin is simply breathtaking. Add to that a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and St Davids Gin and Kitchen is truly a special place to spend an evening. 

Lastly, but not leastly, we have Grain – the pizzeria with a difference. Using very local produce, the boys and girls at Grain have created distinctive and innovative pizzas with toppings that will absolutely take you by surprise. And don’t hesitate to order some of their local beers and ciders too, if you need something to wash down this heaven-sent carby goodness. 

All these amazing food experiences can be found in close proximity to Yewdale cottage, Pembrokeshire and will make your week long holiday or romantic short stay an unforgettable experience. 

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