Ramsey Island Boat Trip

One of our favourite things to do as soon as we arrive in St Davids is to book a boat trip to Ramsey Island. Especially now we all have young children, this excursion is very often the highlight of our holiday. There’s really no feeling like having the wind in your hair while scooting across the green-blue sea to a place totally uninhabited by human life.

The nature in West Wales is so incredibly diverse that there are so many amazing things you might happen to see. Seals are obviously a mainstay, using the rock to raise their young while lethargically slipping into the water when a hunt is necessary.

But we’ve often come back from our day trip with incredible pictures of dolphins, porpoises, guillemots and even a peregrine falcon. As apposed to a zoo or farm park, here you can truly see the animals exist in their natural habitats and it is a most moving and exhilarating experience. The professional guides will know exactly which spots to hit so just sit back and let them show you some of the most breathtaking nature that you will find in the British Isles.

From Yewdale Cottage, you can easily drive down to St Justinians where the boat launches from. It’ll only take you around five minutes in the car. And from there you jump on board and have a fantastic time!

Our favourite tour operator is Voyages of Discovery who offer an incredible 1 hour experience for just £35 a head. There’s absolutely no way you’ll feel short-changed as you upload all your incredible nature shots to social media.

So please, need we say more, book your holiday to St Davids, Pembrokeshire now and enjoy some seriously life affirming moments. And hey, you may just find a whole new porpoise to life!

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