St Non’s Chapel – Pembrokeshire

In a world of rejuvenating spa treatments and facial injections promising everlasting youth, it’s easy to forget that natural elixirs of health and beauty do still exist. At St Non’s chapel there is a holy well which does just that. Indeed, the mystic and spiritual sensibilities of St Non’s will revitalise the weary walker and allow them to continue their trek with vim and vigour.

Although this ancient chapel is now just a skeleton of its former self, there’s so much more to explore at the site of St Non’s and it’s always a pilgrimage we, as a family, love to take while holidaying at Yewdale Cottage. “And did those feet, in ancient times…” is a phrase that springs to mind as one is invited to imagine all the many lives who have lived and worshipped at St Non’s through the decades, centuries and millennia.

As well as the afore mentioned holy well, where visitors are invited to rub the water into body parts which require healing, there are the standing stones which are believed to be a pagan (are there any other types of standing stones?) place of worship long before Pontius Pilate did a naughty in Judaea.

Also, you’ll find a modern chapel built in 1934 by Cecil Morgan-Griffiths, a solicitor from Carmarthen.

St Non’s can be found on a spectacular coastal walk that our annual family holiday always involves. Starting in St Davids city centre, you walk out to Caerfai Bay, a beautiful and secluded little beach. From there you walk around the coastline until you stumble upon the unassuming remains of St Non’s Chapel. We’ll often eat some peanuts at this point. From here you can head back inland or the hardened walker can continue on round to Whitesands bay.

If all this sounds like just what the doctor ordered, do consider a short break or long stay in Yewdale cottage, St Davids.

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