A treasure hunt for kids – from Yewdale Cottage

We’ve had lots of fun putting together this treasure hunt for children, which begins and ends at Yewdale Cottage. The idea is that you print out the ‘clue’ images in advance (or simply look at them on your phone or tablet device as you walk around the route – if you can get any signal!) and then try to find the 18 clues in and around St David’s. There is a ‘Treasure Map’ (with the locations of all the numbered clues marked on it) here, too, for parents or guardians to print out and make sure that everyone follows the correct figure-of-eight route. Just click on the clues and map below to enlarge the images:

St Davids treasure hunt

Yewdale holiday cottage treasure hunt

Map for adults

The only thing we can’t provide is the ‘treasure’ – but we have found that an ice cream from Gianni’s usually goes down a treat with youngsters…!

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