Foraging for supper – in St. David’s


Just in from another glorious walk along the cliff-top coastal path. We have seen many parts of the UK coastline and this is by far the most beautiful – raw, majestic and with the bluest sea. Forget Cornwall! Pembrokeshire wins hands down any time – and it’s less busy, which is also a bonus when you’re trying to relax! After a stroll along the path, it’s time for supper – perhaps you might like to do some FORAGING – and catch a fishy for your dishy on a mackerel fishing trip (this is not for the faint hearted or squeamish!) There are lots of trips, which you can book in the main square in St. David’s. Our resident foodie did just that:

616 copyIMGP0377

Tasty fresh, barbecued with lemon:


Next, he went crabbing at Porth Clais harbour (bacon is great bait!)…

Rob Brabin fishing St DavidsIMGP0790

…but it was just a tiddler, so he threw it back in and decided to focus on FRESH MUSSELS!


There are lots to be found around Solva – delicious cooked in cream and cider with garlic – mmmmm. You’ll be amazed at how many you can gather in a washing up bowl! (There’s always CKs supermarket in St. David’s though, if you aren’t in a foraging mood!)

Our 4 star self-catering holiday cottage in the heart of St. David’s (Yewdale Cottage) provides the perfect base for a holiday at any time of year.

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