Mysticism in Pembrokeshire

St Davids, and indeed Pembrokeshire in general, was once described to me as a “thin place”. This means that St Davids is considered a place where the walls between this world and other worlds are particularly thin. This is what gives St Davids its strange feeling of timelessness and of somehow being in a different world.

St Non’s had long been a pagan hot spot before the Christians came along and built the chapel. Pagans used to come here to heal themselves in the well that springs out of the ground in St Nons. It’s also just around the corner from Whitesands Bay and has beautiful views of the coastline.

Then there’s Coetan Arthur which is a mysterious stone structure (see picture). It is just a little inland from St Davids. This Neolithic burial chamber has had archaeologists stumped as to how it was built and who built it.

So when you’re on your family holiday in St Davids, Pembrokeshire and staying in your lovely self-catering Yewdale holiday cottage, keep an eye (maybe your third?) out for all the amazing mysteries that St Davids has to offer.

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