Caerfai Bay – St Davids – Pembrokeshire

Caerfai Bay is the closest beach to Yewdale Cottage, St Davids and might be the most beautiful of all the gorgeous bays which dot the Pembrokeshire coastline. Many times, especially out of season, we find Caerfai almost deserted and it truly is lie having your own private beach – without the cost!

Caerfai is also dog friendly and your pooch can run along it and splash in the sea all year round whereas other beaches ask that dogs not access at busy times. There’s so much fun to be had rock-pooling with the youngsters as Caerfai is an incredibly safe beach. It’s totally enclosed so you can always keep an eye on little ones and their movements.

As mentioned before, Caerfai Bay is very close to Yewdale. It’s just a charming 10 minute walk down to the coastline. It’s definitely one of our families favourite beaches in St Davids, Pembrokeshire so whether you’re on a family holiday and looking for a safe environment or you want to climb the rocks around the coastline and jump in the sea, Caerfai Bay is the place to be.

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