Surfing in St Davids

Pembrokeshire and St Davids are special places for all manner of extreme sports. But one clearly dominates above all. And that, of course, is surfing. Most locals will have found themselves on a board of some kind within the first few years of their lives and, from the multitude of surf shacks and board shops, it is clear that surfing is a much loved pastime in West Wales.

Everyone’s got their favourite beach to run unapologetically into the swell with a wetsuit and a surf board but for us here at Yewdale, it absolutely has to be Whitesands. One of the great things about this surf spot is that it suits all ages and skill levels and, at peak times, will always have a lifeguard presence so you can guarantee safety for you and your family.

As well as this, wetsuit and board hire can be often found on Whitesands so you don’t have to lug boards from St Davids down to the beach and can simply return them once you are done.

The waves on Whitesands vary but are often relatively tame which is absolutely perfect for surfers who are still cutting their teeth somewhat. But do watch out because it can also be an immensely rough coastline when the wind picks up and the water starts to swell.

Yewdale cottage is just a quick walk from Whitesands which, for our money, is one of the most beautiful coastlines in West Wales. From Whitesands you can explore all manner of coastal paths and it’s a mainstay for all holiday-makers. And if you do want to spice up your beach frolics, then you should absolutely grab a board and go running out into the sea.

It’s never too late to start a new hobby. And what better place to do it than on holiday?

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